2018 NFL Draft Order
2018 NFL Draft order is here to stay, well... Unless the teams go for trades which normally happens. Eventhough this is an Eagles sites, we have to remember Garoppolo, he was traded for a second round pick, so keep that in mind.

Retaining the Winning Streak with Successful Philadelphia Eagles Players Combination
Football fans all over the USA are familiar with the Philadelphia Eagles franchise that was established as a replacement for Frankford Yellow Jackets in 1933. With its base in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the team competes in NFL (National Football League). It is the member club of East Division NFC (National Football Conference). The team has high chances of winning the Super Bowl as it has won the championship title four times. The Philadelphia Eagles Players recently tasted success in the Super Bowl Championship 2017, which it plans to retain. The team has won the title totally four times in the year 1948, 1949, 1960, and recently in 2017.

Jalen Mills Tops Eagles' Pay List Based on Performance Yet Again
Early in the week, the NFL performance-based pay was announced officially for the 2017 season. The eye-opening report on figures revealed the pay distributions across teams and players.

Philadelphia Eagles Players : Transactions
The Philadelphia Eagles players being dogs all the way won the Super Bowl. Now it is transaction time and we have to wai t and see if they can repeat that formula that made them cahmps.

Eagles Part Ways with Veteran Tight End
The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl last season, ending one of the longest Super Bowl droughts in the NFL. The achievement was very surprising because not too many people had the Eagles winning the NFC East, let alone the Super Bowl.

The 10 Best Running Backs the Eagles Have Ever Had
The Eagles boast a very long history spanning over seven decades. Their history has showcased some of the best players of the league. However, there is a section of players who do not seem to get enough attention.

All-Time Top Quarterbacks
The Philadelphia Eagles is a popular NFL team with a long history that also features a lot quarterbacks who have played for the team. The Eagles is known to have a long history of signing the best signal-callers, but definitely there are those who have stood out above the rest.

Jay Ajayi | Eagles
Oluwadamilola Jonathan Ajayi, the British American Football player has created many speculations about the Eagles Odds as his fans are expecting some big achievements from this player.

LeGarrette Blount | Eagles
The 30-year-old American Football player known as LeGarrette Montez Blount was born on December 5, 1986 and plays for the Philadelphia Eagles in the running back position. In 2010, he joined the NFL through the Tennessee Titans as an undrafted free agent, and

Corey Clement | Eagles
Corey Clement started his college career at Wisconsin, where he played for four years. Born in 1994, he joined the Eagles to become an un-drafted free agent during the off season of 2017. Currently, he is the Eagles running back and has played a vital role in boosting the Eagles odds. In 2016, he recorded very impressive results in his senior year of college. Among his highs were 1,375 rushing yards with 15 touchdowns. The coaches of the leagues also honored him on several occasions. From high school his eyes were set on professional football in college.