Nick Foles Realizes the Impression Left on Eagles Fans
The Philadelphia Eagles are an NFL team that has longed for a Super Bowl win. Now they've done just that and everyone has money on the Eagles odds for next season rising dramatically.
They suffered cruel losses in three NFC Championship games in a row before cracking through to the finals in 2005, only to lose to the Patriots by a measly 3 points. So, it came as no surprise when Nick Foles returned from his vacation at Disney World that he held himself as a poised character in Philadelphia during the championship parade.
The MVP winner of the Super Bowl, Foles, nailed the now infamous "Philly Special" trick move to cement the victory versus the legendary, Tom Brady-lead, New England Patriots. This play is now a classic for Philadelphia and one of the finest moments in the history of the Eagles team. It also puts him up there with the football greats, a stark contrast from where he was just one season prior.
Nick Foles explained how the play came about. He spoke with Doug figuring out the scenario and deciding if it's time to move with a trick play. With mics on and all, the two trusted a very gutsy move to secure the game versus the extremely hard-to-defeat Patriots. Even the fans at the game and at home watching on TV had little faith they'd make that last touchdown, but they did.
The most notable thing of it all -- the amount of trust the quarterbacks are given, plus the trust they have in their teammates. Going into such a crazy play, giving the entire game up to a select two players to make magic happen -- that requires a tremendous amount of faith. So, while Eagles fans hover over Foles' back, it's his teammates that give him true leeway and trust in what he thinks is right. That's incredible.
With the parade day finally here, Nick Foles has transitioned from enjoying the euphoria to realizing the moment. He's starting to reflect now and understanding just what his miraculous play means for the city of Philadelphia and for Eagles fans in general. They've been waiting for this Super Bowl win for literally a decade and a half, and now, thanks to Foles -- they can finally say they've won a ring.
A big part of his realization, interestingly -- while at Disney World, there were 10,000's of Eagles fans there celebrating as well. The magnitude of the fan base for the city's football team, and the level of appreciation they have for Foles, speaks out loud what his hard work truly means for Eagles fans.
Now the Eagles odds for next season have gone up staggeringly. Nick Foles is "the man" currently, he's that guy who outperformed Tom Brady in the one game that matters the most. This newfound football legend is getting poised to become the godsend the Eagles have long awaited for. With next season much anticipated, it'll be interesting to see whether the young quarterback can make a repeat Super Bowl win come true.


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