Nick Foles Perfect Execution of a Trick that Tom Brady could Not
Super Bowl is the NFL's biggest game where there is a huge crowd coming to witness the crowning of champions. In the game, there has been perfect execution by the underdog teams in winning the trophy.
The Super Bowl LII was between Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots which saw the greatest in NFL history meet the man who is playing a better replacement in the team.
In the game, Nick Foles was the worst quarterback that faced by Brady in Super Bowl. Nick started Super Bowl LII due to the injury of Carson Wentz the Philadelphia’s star quarterback. Therefore Nick Foles was viewed as a minor obstruction in Brady winning the sixth NFL championship. In the biggest NFL game which was in Minneapolis stadium Brady failed while Nick Foles was perfect in the game. The perfect execution by Nick Foles greatly contributed to the Philadelphia Eagles 41-33 win over Patriots.
In football, a single play changes the outcome of elation and despair. Players are required to remain focus on ensuring that there is a proper play towards the expected result. On Sunday both teams had technical plays by passing to the quarterback to the downfield without being detected by the opponent. Foles was able to execute his pass perfected while Brady missed a simple catch. The failure of the quarterback to catch the ball seemed as a less significant decider of the game. Patriots have been dominant in the NFL for due to the ability to surprise opponents. Foles responded in an interview that one is supposed to have the right mental approach to a game and consider the little things in the game.
In the game, Brady had a chance to hold a pass to end zone and Patriots would have been gone 10-9 up considering that they were trailing at 9-3. The throw from Danny Amendola just skipped off the fingertips of Brady making it hard to optimize on the change. The miss greatly influenced the game as the Patriots were unable to capitalize on the chances in the game. With the Eagles being one yard on the Patriots Foles was able to play perfected to come up with the needed points for the Eagles. The touchdown was made 34 seconds before the half which made it possible for the Eagles to acquire a 22-12 lead to the break.
In football, it is essential for a player to ensure that there is a proper play that will lead to a touchdown. Later in the game, the Patriots were able to recover and lead with one point. The touchdown to the lead felt as if everything had changed about the game and that Patriots were on their way to victory. However, the Eagles had the drive to win as their quarterback Foles was able to do something that Brady could not do in the game. The other reasons that Philadelphia Eagles won were due to the missed tackles by Patriots, Brady miscommunication with receivers and Brady fumble when the game was nearing to end. People will remember the two tricks in the game which the underdog quarterback executed perfected to get a touchdown while the famous quarterback was unable to execute the trick.


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