2018 Philadelphia Eagles' Challengers
After the Super Bowl win by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2017 season, the coming season promises great intrigues with tough battles on the field in the home games and away.
The list of opponents for the defending champions was finalized in December. What many people cannot help but wonder is the Eagles odds for next season. First, the Eagles will face the NFC South where the intra-conference schedule is concerned. Then, they will play AFC South in the same schedule. Keep in mind that these are rotational plays that occur at-least once in every 3 years. The NFC South has four opponents who last met with the Eagles in 2015. Also, the AFC South comes with four opponents and their last meeting with Philadelphia was in 2014.
In the NFC East meet up, Eagles came first and this means that they will travel to NFC West for the championship; they will face the Los Angeles Rams. The NFC North winners who are the Vikings will be hosted by the winners. In the kick-off game, Philadelphia will host the NFL game on the 6th of September. For now, the opponent has not yet been named. 2018 will be a very busy season for the Super Bowl champions on the road. To begin with, the Eagles will travel to London and meet the Jaguars.

Below is a more detailed look at the opponents with their 2017 records.

Home Games
- The team will face the Giants who have a 2017 record of 3-13
- Washington Redskins are other home opponents for the Eagles with 7-9
- Dallas Cowboys are yet another home rival and their 2017 record is 9-7
- The Minnesota Vikings will also meet the Super Bowl winners and their record stands at 13-3
- Another game at home will be with the Panthers of Carolina with 11-5
- Atlanta Falcons are yet another rival to meet at home with 10-6
- Texans of Houston will battle with the Eagles and their record is at 4-12
- Finally, the Indianapolis Colts will face Philadelphia at home and their scores are 4-12

Away Games
- The New York Giants will once again battle with the champions in this away game
- The Redskins and Cowboys are the other opponents who will meet the Eagles both at home and away.
- L.A Rams 11-5, New Orleans 11-5, Buccaneers 5-11, Titans 9-7 and the Jaguars 10-6, will also have their meeting with the Eagles in these away games.
As alluded to above, the Jacksonville Jaguars will have their day with the Eagles in London, England.There is no question that the Eagles have their work cut out. Making it to the top of the NFL is not an easy task and they did it. However, they say that staying on top is even harder. The Eagles are settling in and entertaining the idea of creating their own empire. Whether this will be the case is a wait and see. For now, Philadelphia seems charged and letting go of their win in the coming season could be a hard thing to do.
With the challengers lined up, the battles on the field are just beginning.

Steve Van Buren
1944 - 9151 | 5,860 Rush Yards
With consecutive NFL Championships, 3 division titles, and 4 individual rush honors, Steve Van Buren's list of accomplishments left no doubt as to the player's quality. The 6-foot-1 Honduras weighed in at a considerable 210 pounds, which didn't prevent him from possessing unbelievable speed. There's little doubt that had been plying his trade in today' NFL, he would definitely rank up there with the greats of the game.

Timmy Brown
1960-1967 | 3,703 Rush Yards
Sometimes overlooked in talks of great Eagles running backs, his first two seasons in Philadelphia after a short, unfruitful stint with Vince Lombardi's Green Bay Packers saw him hold the place of kick returner.
He got his chance in
1962, and he took it. He proved himself to be one of the fastest players present in the NFL as of 1965, averaging five yards per carry and catching 50 passes on his way to becoming the very first NFL player to rush 850 yards.


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