Most Likely Eagles Opponents at 2018 NFL Season Kickoff
The 2017 NFL season came to a close and the Philadelphia Eagles took the title. The Eagles had an emphatic season and fans will be anticipating their return in the new season.
There will be a Thursday Night Kickoff hosted by the NFL winners and fans can expect to be thrilled.
In the midst of all the party, it is not out of line to peek at the upcoming season. The Eagles odds to win Super Bowl will be determined by the first few teams they are matched up with in the new season. Looking at the possible matchups, an enthralling first game can already be expected. The Eagles could face Houston Texans, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, New York Giants, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, Minnesota Vikings, or Indianapolis Colts.
All these teams come with some very interesting plots in the new season. Cam Newton is expected at the Panthers offense, Alex Smith will be a quarterback at the Redskins and Deshaun Watson is expected back at the Texans. Josh McDaniels will be the new coach at the Colts where Andrew Luck will also be returning. The prospects of a playoff rematch with the Falcons is also quite enticing.
There are definitely many possibilities but some interesting matchups to watch out for include:
If there is a matchup that will see an exhilarating start of the season, it would be this one. There is already a lot of scores to be settled. Cowboys fans had to deal with the Eagles taking the Lombardi Trophy. The NFL would thus want to capitalize on this heat and give the fans an exciting start of the season.
Considering that Carson Wentz is expected back, fans can only wonder how the Eagles will balance and modify the defense. Players like Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot also definitely provide big plots.
The NFL thus has no choice than to make this matchup a reality if they want the season to start with a bang.
There is no better way of kicking off the season than by matching up two division winners. The Vikings have had trouble at the hands of the Eagles before and their fans definitely have the jitters when it comes to Philadelphia.
The new season's plot for these teams can be picked up from where it was left off in the playoff matchup. There are a lot of stakes for the Vikings and the Eagles need to prove themselves again.
This would thus be an exciting matchup.
As you might be aware, it has been an unannounced tradition that NFC East matches are occasionally put in prime time. This is why a New York Giants matchup is possible.
There is a lot going on in the New York camp with a new coach coming in and possible changes at the defense. Pat Shurmur is the new coach expected at New York. Eli Manning’s storyline is also bubbling as his exit becomes imminent.
This could see stars like Odell Beckham Jr. featuring in a memorable New York Giants matchup against the Eagles.


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