How the Eagles Put a Leash on Jerry and Dak
The present mood in Philadelphia can only be described can best be described as ecstatic for sports fans and mostly so for die-hard Eagles supporters. Against all odds, the Eagles managed to pull off a win against the New England Patriots in Minnesota which brought the Vince Lombardi Trophy to Philly. The fans now have something to show off to rival supporters.
Majority of the league never took note of the success of the Dallas Cowboys since the dawn of the NFC East Division. In fact, despite their decent run in recent seasons, all Cowboys fans would talk about was the all conquering team that played in the 90s. None of the teams that have come after that period have been able to emulate their success. In the 2016 season the Cowboys ended up with a 13-3 record, which meant they won their division. Unfortunately, a team that showed great potential for an appearance in the Super Bowl got knocked out in the Divisional round.
As crazy at it sounded at the time, Eagles fans held the belief that 2017 would be their year to shine and their team would win the NFC East Division. However, the Cowboys and their star player Dak Prescott was pretty confident about his team coming first in the division. When all was said and done, he was forced to eat humble pie after the Eagles not only won the division, but the conference as well. After taunting the Eagles, Washington Redskins and New York Giants way back in July, Prescott went as far as to make a claim on Super Bowl LII week during the NFL Honors night that only one team from the NFC East was capable of winning the trophy, his beloved Cowboys. Of course this words spoken to 6 ABC's Jamie Apoody would all be thrown out barely 24 hours later.
The recent win for the Philadelphia Eagles has got more people in the Cowboys franchise in a grumpy mood. In fact, their owner, Jerry Jones could not bare to watch Nick Foles win the Super Bowl MVP title. According to reports, Jerry declared himself not interested in signing the Super Bowl MVP. To add insult to injury, he had to look on as the Eagles got a hold of the famous trophy for his first time ever. This was especially bruising since he had high expectations of his team emerging victorious this time round. Furthermore, Jones decided to let the whole universe know what was on his mind barely a week after the Super Bowl. In his own words, "The muffled voice you have been hearing is me screaming in my pillow over not being here and seeing Philadelphia."
For the coming NFL season, it is pretty obvious that the Eagles will no longer be seen as underdogs and they will be looking to cause misery to any team that stands in their way. In the aftermath of Super Bowl LII, they hold the second-best odds to emerge victorious in Super Bowl LIII as at this point in time. That in itself means that the Eagles will be the bigger team in the NFC East in 2018 and not the Dallas Cowboys.


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