2018 Philadelphia Eagles' Challengers
Nearly six decades of misses and agony came to an end when the Eagles finally lifted the top title. New England had to eat humble pie when the scores were finally in. Philadelphia had indeed come a long way where disappointments had ruled the better part of their endeavors on the field.
The Super Bowl win deserved cheer and jubilation and the fans went all out. On Broad Street, the party was lit up followed by the Thursday parade, where loyal fans showcased their full love and joy after the win. Despite Eagles odds being low, the team proved critics wrong as they pushed further to take their win.
In a way, labeling Philadelphia underdogs worked to serve various interests. The fans and the team however embraced the title and were not afraid to hope for the best. On Super Bowl Sunday, this hope materialized and many all around the world were shocked upon realizing that the New England dynasty had been silenced for the season. Many people really never expected the Eagles to rise from their ashes and to fly beyond measure. According to sentiments by a fan in a Deadspin post, he never expected Philadelphia to be on top and cannot wait to see what comes next for the team.
If you were going by history, it would have been hard for any person to foresee this win. The Eagles had their last NFL championship game in 1980. In other sports, the Philadelphia 76ers have not won NBA finals for over 30 years. When it comes to the Stanley Cup, the Flyers last won in 1974 and 75. To this end, it would have been pretty accurate to conclude that Philadelphia's performance was a bit predictable. Nothing really prepared fans for the win. The win can certainly be described as rare. However, coach Pederson and quarterback Carson Wentz may beg to differ. Even owner Jeffrey Lurie seems to be singing a new tune. These top men of the team have termed the Eagles' win as a new norm. Their plan is therefore to create an empire akin to New England and even better.
It is not easy creating a dynasty and this is best observed with the Phillies. In the late 2000s, the team was looking to retain their wins but only managed to clinch the 2008 win. The Eagles win has brought the team full circle from 2008. The fans prefer to hold on to these memories; while savoring every moment. According to Jesse Dougherty of the Washington Post, the game reminded him of his childhood. Watching the games and wondering why the Eagles had to concede all the time. For Dougherty, this win was a long time coming and despite the long wait, there was always hope that the cherished team would one day represent in a big way.
The Eagles triumph indeed created nostalgia and many fans had a moment to reflect and see the journey that has been traveled. It became apparent that the bond of fandom was unbreakable going by the victorious teary cheers that came with the win. This rise to the top by Philadelphia is the new lease of life the team and the fans were looking for all along. For Philadelphia and their fans, being at the top has never felt better.


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