Best moments in Philadelphia Eagles History
The Eagles have had some memorable moments during their 85-year history and some of them have actually changed the course of this franchise forever.
Their history is associated some astronomical highs and at the same time some devastating lows. Philadelphia is known for its intense and obnoxious fans who will be keen on the Eagles odds in the coming season. Every fan base go through some great moments and rough moments too, but Philadelphia supporters have seen it all and most likely than others in NFL history.

Here are some of the memorable moments of the Philadelphia Eagles
5. When Norman Braman bought the Eagles
This was definitely a critical moment in the rich history of this franchise, that could have seen the organization spiral into the worst situation if it could have taken the other way. Yes, it was in 1984 when Leonard Tose then-owner of the team made that memorable handshake agreement that could have seen the franchise sold to the Phoenix real estate mogul which could have also resulted to the franchise uprooted from Phillys. However, Tose was approached to sell to the team to a buyer who'll keep the franchise in Philadelphia. A last-minute deal between the franchise, the city and the league office gave hope to the team to continue using the Veteran Stadium. Norman Braman, an auto dealer from West Chester in Pennsylvania, who the man of the moment. He bought the team and ensured it remained in town. However, he later sold the team to Jeffrey Lurie in the year 1994.
4. Winning NFC Championship game in 1980
It doesn't matter whether its January or September, beating long time rivals the Dallas Cowboys brings an exciting feeling. The intra-divisional matches began before 1980 NFC championship when Eagles came in white at Vet clad, while Cowboys wore the bad-luck blue duds. The game saw Marion Campbells and Dick Vermeil play defensive harassing Tony Dorsett and Danny White allowing the Dorsett to rush for only 41 yards compared to Eagles' 194 rushing yards. Between the year 1961-77, it was a difficult period for the Eagles who never managed to the playoffs during this period. Between 1978 to 1981, they reached post season 4 times including 1980 which was the first time Super Bowl berth for the team.
3. Andy Reid lifts the NFC championship title
This was definitely a reckoning moment. After three devastating losses in their quest for NFC title, the Eagle finally grabbed it. It was the day when Philadelphia upended the Michael Vick and Falcons in the thrilling NFC Championship 2004. Its also a moment that many Eagles fans remember very well that Dawkins unleashed to the Vick and the Alge Crumpler. This was also the climax moment for Andy Reid marking the end of 4-year odyssey in the team, despite having great players.
2. 1999 off-season
Sometimes its hard to believe that Andy Reid was hired in January 1999 from Green Bay Packers when he was said to be the second-youngest coach in the entire NFL. It was definitely a gamble to bring in a 40-year old coach to begin a turn around of 3-13 outfit, which paidoff. Reid was quick to install defensive coordinator and after four months together with his staff they were able to select Ricky Williams at No.2. From that moment, the Eagles worked hard on sustaining the longest run of success in the franchise history. This saw them make it in 9 playoffs in the next twelve years, winning six NFC East titles and finally one conference crown.
1. Clinching the 1960 NFL Championship match
This was the time Eagles won Philadelphia's recent NFL Championship game on home turf at the Franklin Field against their rivals Green Bay Packers under their head coach Vince Lombardi. We all know how the respective team's fortunes took a turn afterwards. This game also marked the end of Norm Van Brocklins illustrious career. Van Brocklin was ahead 26-year old Sonny Jurgensen where he also shared the field with 10 other men who were enshrined in the Canton.
Golden Moment in Super Bowl LII
Eventhough the moments mentioned above were great, winning their first Super Bowl and against the Patriots is the Golden Moment in Eagles history. That moment in the fourth quarter when Grahamm clicnched taht Super Bowl vitorcy when he knocked the ball from Tom Brady and was recovered by Derek Barnett... The Golden Moment or how they say around there... a 'Rocky' moment for Philadelphia Ealges. History was made that night...


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