Pro Bowl 2018: A Look at the Odds and History
The 2018 Pro Bowl is shaping up to be something quite special for the NFL and its fans all over the world.
The selection of top-shelf talent, 44 from the NFC and 44 more from the AFC have all been brought together in Orlando Florida, at the Camping World Stadium waiting to represent their conferences.
The selection process was carried out through a voting process that involved coaches, fellow players, and the fans at large picking out who they wanted to see out on the field on this special occasion.
With the Eagles of Philadelphia and the Patriots of New England deep in preparation for their Super Bowl clash, none of their squad members will be available for a Pro Bowl appearance. There are, however, still plenty of big names and riveting intrigues surrounding the game to satisfy the keenest appetite, and the bookmakers know this all too well. While they keep Patriots and Eagles odds for next season on hold till the Super Bowl is done with, Pro Bowl odds are keeping everyone busy enough.
The NFC is favored by the bookmakers with a slim three points over the AFC for victory. This line has held up steady, but the same couldn't be said of the over/under, which has dropped considerably from an opening line that stood at 71 to 61.5.The cause for the swings might be the recollection by the betting public of the 2017 game that the AFC won 20-13, even though they were 5.5 point underdogs going into the match-up. Their overwhelmingly solid defense and a pair of priceless scores courtesy of the game's offensive MVP Travis Kelcethe and Delanie Walker, both of them tight ends.
There might be an overall leaning towards the over when it comes to the total bets coming in, but when it comes to the actual volumes of money riding on the outcome, most of the money is leaning towards the under. It remains to be seen whether the NFC will get to avenge their upset last time or if they will fall once again to the underdogs from the AFC.
There is a historical Pro Bowl tie between the conferences, with both sides having 22 wins marked up in their record books. The 2018 Pro Bowl presents both sides with the opportunity to pull ahead, at least for a year, that is. The Pro Bowl returned to the conference format it was originally laid out in for decades previously after the somewhat tepidly received three-year policy of holding fantasy drafts captained by players picking out of the pool of players available.
With things back the way we were used to having them for the second year now, we can only wait and see whether we'll witness a return of the high-scoring games we were accustomed to watching this year. It promises to be a good warm-up event to keep the betting public occupied as they lie in anticipation of the Super Bowl, but we're quite sure it will at the very least be a great game to watch, whatever the outcome.


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