Eagles Fans Celebrate, Tear Philadelphia Apart
It was the Eagles night after a long wait. Thousands of fans came out to celebrate in the streets of Philadelphia on the Super Bowl night. It was a Sunday night like no other since this was the first time for the Eagles to win the Super Bowl title in the team's history.
You could see many fans hugging, crying and chanting "Fly Eagles Fly" in the city that was starved of football championship for many years. The midnight was filled with green fireworks in the cloudy sky. Many fans started to flock the Broad Street in the Center City soon after the final whistle until the whole area was fully packed for nearly half a mile. While we wait for the dust to settle, the Eagles odds to win next year's Super Bowl place them among the favorite to lift the title again as the defending champions.
These celebrations also left one car turned on it's side along the Walnut Street, which was the epicenter of the action. Some reports indicated that several bottles were thrown in the area. A police officer also confirmed that a fan was arrested after climbing a street pole without any clothes. A large number of police in the streets of Philadelphia helped to keep things in order. Some of them were on foot, bicycles and horseback, and started to clear the celebration after 1:30 a.m. Philadelphia is now coming to its normal life after the late-night celebrations that saw some overzealous supporters smash windows, trashed several stores and climbed traffic lights.
Some rowdy fans even went to an extent of clambering atop the awning of the Ritz Carlton Hotel and then jumping off into the celebrating crowd something that one Twitter post refer it as " Ritz Carlton Skydiving". Later the awning collapsed with large number of people still on top of it. On Monday morning, the A.C Moore store displayed the shattered windows, light post taken down and Ritz Carlton's awning collapsed due to pressure when fans stood on top. It was quite clear that no amount grease could stop Eagles fans away from climbing the poles in celebration of their team.
A few people managed to shimmy up several traffic lights and a number of street sign poles along the Broad Street. However, after 1 a.m, only police officers were allowed inside the Wawa store. Many messages seeking information from police about the injuries and arrests were not responded immediately as expected. These celebrations went out of hand according to various reports, with one fan said to have eaten manure from a horse as people gathered to cheer him while taking footage on their phones. What started as joyous celebration after the Eagles won the Super Bowl title on Sunday night, the fans turned rowdy and destructive.
Drunken fans were seen spraying beer while others climbed the trash trucks and street poles, and anything else they could find. There were also young kids on the Broad Street, with some parents seen weaving strollers between the fans and cars while others holding infants in carriers.


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