Eagles Dance Away in a Locker Room Jam Session
After Sunday's big game, the Eagles transformed their locker rooms into an electrified dance space. Winning the first ever Super Bowl warranted this and more.
Super Bowl LII
Team 1 2 3 4 T
Patriots 3 9 14 7 33
Eagles 9 13 7 12 41
Philadelphia took this win to heart, celebrating like no other winner had done in a long time. This fiery energy is usually seen at post game parties where people let their hair down. However, Philly could not wait to bask in their glory and the locker rooms became the potent venue for a victorious dance. Upon opening up the locker rooms to the media after the game, the mellow sounds of the 1977 classic by Queen was on full blast. "We are the Champions" rent the air from a loud speaker.
The locker room party was just beginning as champagne bottles started popping left, right and center. At this moment, 'Rings" by Kap G. Guys took over as the Super Bowl victors nodded their heads back and forth. Nobody could steal this moment from the guys; they had done it. The defensive backs were heartily clinging on to some premium brown drink, as the song went on and on. With passionate vocals, Jason Kelce unleashed the 'rings" chorus out loud emphatically holding on to the words. Derek Barnett, the Eagles defensive end decided to celebrate with a cigar. Every puff of victory was worthwhile as he stood by his locker. This was a time to celebrate; not even a time to think about the Eagles odds for next Super Bowl.
With a lasting smile on his face, owner Jeffrey Lurie had never felt better while doing his rounds. Every player had to pose with the loved Lombardi Trophy. Although tainted with multiple fingerprints, the trophy had never looked more beautiful. Carson Wentz who was not able to play in the game due to a knee injury at week 14, was there to celebrate with his team. With mixed feelings and emotions, Wentz chose to turn down an interview to party with his victorious teammates. As if the locker room party could not get better, 'Dreams and Nightmares' by Meek Mills took over. Soon, the room was decorated by orange Gatorade that the players started spraying in the spurr of the moment. Also, snacks and other items were all sent flying as the dance party geared up.
Selfies and selfie videos dominated as players sought to store precious memories of this victorious win. The sounds of Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Migos entertained the team just as the coach got ready to address the team. After Doug Pederson spoke, Malcolm Jenkins spoke next. They expressed their satisfaction and gratitude for making history in the NFL. The emotional words resonated with all members as they cheered on. As the locker room party was ending, Fletcher Cox, the defensive tackle had a great idea and all the team members agreed. It was tentative that all bottles were on Mr. Lurie.
At that instant, it was clear that the party had just began. Philadelphia would celebrate until they could do it no more. They had waited nearly six decades to dance; and the time had come. For clinching the top title against all odds, the Eagles deserved their moment.


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