The Eagles Flew Despite Perceived Broken Wings
On Sunday, Tom Brady was given a taste of his own medicine. The dying moments of the game saw Philadelphia emerge to crush the Patriots. How Brady was beaten at his own game requires a delve into his years of being the league MVP.
Super Bowl LII
Team 1 2 3 4 T
Patriots 3 9 14 7 33
Eagles 9 13 7 12 41
In his nearly 20 years as the super quarterback of the league, Brady's magic had largely depended on avoiding a hit by defensive players. How he had sustained not getting wet in the sea is a skillful art that was tested on Sunday. The New England quarterback had angered many defensive players by navigating the hit. After all, knocking down the quarterback is part of the opposing defense.
Lacking both speed and agility would have made Brady the easy target. However, his ingenuity was best observed by his prowess to spot an open receiver and releasing the ball on time before the defense would pounce. It is this strategy that was at play on Sunday as Brady took on the Eagles pass rushers for almost an hour. The Patriots linemen were manning their turf with agility allowing Brady to throw his passes just at the right time. Of course, Philadelphia had every reason to get worried at that moment. With only 75 yards left from a touchdown that would kill the Eagles dream of winning Super Bowl; the defining moment was here.
Eagles defensive end Chris Long was holding his breath and waiting. Long had played for New England in the last season. Here, Long may have mastered the artful tactics of Brady. Long knew too well that Brady was excellent at studying the defenses; in a way, Brady was known to think like a defensive coach. This mastery can be attributed to the Patriots coach Bill Belichick. At that juncture, Long knew that persistence was the key. To this end, he kept pressing the Eagles to remain extra vigilant and persistent. It all paid off in the end when for the very first time in history, the Eagles kissed their Super Bowl title in a dramatic turn of events. With this win, Eagles odds for next season can only get better.
The pressure was really mounting for the Eagles as Brady edged closer to recording 505 passing yards to win the tile. With a very close game, Philadelphia could only persist without panic. The breaking point came when Brandon Graham twisted the arm of guard Shaq Mason. After startling Mason, Graham was free to observe the ball dropping from Brady's palm. The rolling ball was quickly scooped by Barnett who was tackled soon enough. After three Eagles players took control of the ball, a final field goal was settled at 41-33; sealing the game and burying the Patriots. It had all come down to the final play and the Eagles rose to the occasion, forcing Brady to drop the ball and drop his claim to the Super Bowl title.
At that moment, almost six decades of frustration in Philadelphia flew out the window. The Eagles kept the faith, they persisted and did not panic. It took a perfect play at the right time to win the title. Choosing to twist Mason instead of rushing, for Graham made history. This tactical approach breathed new life in the Eagles camp. At the end of the memorable game, Philly became the underdogs who won the Super Bowl; the Eagles who flew with broken wings.

SB 52 Betting Odds

Teams Spread Total ML
Eagles +4½ -115 O 48 +155
Patriots -4½ -105 O 48 -190

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Scoring Summary

Quarter Time Drive Team Scoring information Score
Plays Yards TOP PITT MIN
1 7:55 14 67 7:05 PHI 25-yard field goal by Elliott 3 0
1 4:17 9 67 3:38 NE 26-yard field goal by Gostkowski 3 3
1 2:34 3 77 1:43 PHI Jeffery 34-yard touchdown reception from Foles, Elliott kick no good (wide right) 9 3
2 8:48 6 65 3:05 PHI Blount 21-yard touchdown run, 2-point pass no good 15 3
2 7:24 5 48 1:24 NE 45-yard field goal by Gostkowski 15 6
2 2:04 7 90 2:57 NE White 26-yard touchdown run, Gostkowski kick no good (wide left) 15 12
2 0:34 7 70 1:30 PHI Foles 1-yard touchdown reception from Burton, Elliott kick good 22 12
3 12:15 8 75 2:45 NE Gronkowski 5-yard touchdown reception from Brady, Gostkowski kick good 22 19
3 7:18 11 85 4:57 PHI Clement 22-yard touchdown reception from Foles, Elliott kick good 29 19
3 3:23 7 75 3:55 NE Hogan 26-yard touchdown reception from Brady, Gostkowski kick good 29 26
4 14:09 8 51 4:14 PHI 42-yard field goal by Elliott 32 26
4 9:22 10 75 4:47 NE Gronkowski 4-yard touchdown reception from Brady, Gostkowski kick good 32 33
4 2:21 14 75 7:01 PHI Ertz 11-yard touchdown reception from Foles, 2-point pass no good 38 33
4 1:05 4 4 1:04 PHI 46-yard field goal by Elliott 41 33
  41 33


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