'Underdog' Masks Become Philly Fans' New Iconic Symbol
Donning a decade-old dog mask, T.J, a die-hard Eagles fan from Reading, PA, took the discomfort and pungent mask odor with an equal measure of courage and pride. To him, the 'undergo' mask had a deeper spiritual meaning. T.J hinted that once you wear the dog mask, barking is inevitable.
Patriots vs. EaglesPatriots vs. Eagles
February 4, 2018
6:30 p.m. ET.
U.S. Bank Stadium, MN
The Eagles could bark their way to the top title. It all started when the Atlanta Falcons were silenced by the Eagles in the divisional round. Chris Long and Lane Johnson, defensive end and right tackle respectively, started the dog mask movement. They passionately wore the masks after the game. Perhaps, this was to show that despite the labeling, the team could surpass expectations.
This action seemingly licensed Philly fans to go out and find their own 'underdog' identity. At the NFC Championship when the Eagles met the Vikings, Philly fans had clearly found their symbol. It was a full-blown canine showcase at the Lincoln Financial Field prior to the big game. Now, the great demand for dog masks is insatiable; as Eagles fans seek to put across the point; that they are not afraid of the label. It is obvious that they have embraced the undergo role.
Amidst the mask movement, the Eagles odds to win Super Bowl could be better than ever. Johnson and Long wore German Shepherd masks from the CreepyParty company. According to this manufacturer, there were nearly 3,000 orders for the masks by mid-week. Indeed, they had to rush with time to meet the overwhelming demand. The fact that their factory is located in China compounded the problem. They were therefore doing double duty to ensure that Eagles' fans were well adorned in their canine costume.
Thankfully, Philly fans have proved to be resourceful. Those who did not get the custom masks came up with impressive ideas. Many designed the mask from scratch while others went into their home archives to exhume prices that would create exciting dog masks. Also, local costume shops saw a surge in demand for anything canine. On the day of the big game, it all came together when the 'underdog' theme was well represented all around. In fact, the Vikings must have been swallowed by the evident dog business. In light of the passion and fanfare, the Eagles had no choice but to win the game.
The Philadelphia Eagles had been set as three-point underdogs to the Vikings. This was exactly the case with the Falcons. According to Doug Pederson, the Eagles coach, the team has not been seen as good enough, since their quarterback Carson Wentz suffered an ACL tear in early December. Pederson insisted that the home advantage would help them sail through. He also added that the players were keen on motivating themselves. With a strong united team, the coach added that it is only the sky that can be the limit for them. Will the Eagles break the norms to show the world that being the underdogs is not a bag thing? Fans are eagerly waiting and at this point of the game, anything is possible.

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