Onwards and Upwards: Eagles Seeking an Upset Against the Vikings
The images we were treated to in the night's aftermath were nothing short of flabbergasting, a football player fully clad in uniform topped off with a German shepherd mask doing interviews.
Eagles vs Falcons
Team 1 2 3 4 T
Eagles 0 9 3 3 15
Falcons 3 7 0 0 10
A middle-aged billionaire in veritable paroxysms of joy. All in the wake of a divisional playoff matchup that seemed to have unleashed a wave of exultant mayhem that the rest of the football world could only sit back and spectate.
Alshon Jeffery, the Eagles' wide receiver spoke to the news crews in the lockerrooms post-game after their 15-10 victory over the Falcons on Saturday, telling the world that the team's cohesion and self-belief would see them through any obstacles in their way, no matter what the naysayers had to say on the matter.
It's been an eventful five weeks since the Eagles team's fortunes took a marked dip, and they've clawed their way across the fields ever since then. The team has a certain spark in its belly, and the way this year's shaping up, it looks like that just might matter when it comes down to it. While heart alone won't make up for shortfalls in technique and talent, it so happens that the tightest of games, between evenly matched teams, are quite often won on the very margins. This is the dilemma facing those trying to figure out the Eagles' odds against the Vikings. Plenty of times, all a team needs is a bit of spark to push the margins in their favor.
When you go back and look at the Eagle's final heart-stoppingly close play on Saturday, you get a clear picture of just how the difference between victory and vanquishment can come down to a few split seconds - blink and you could miss it - of an otherwise drawn-out encounter. These are the kinds of margins we don't have the maths to figure out yet, and we're not too sure we want to.
Maybe it's best we leave it in the hands of fate; it certainly makes for more exciting watching.
What will really be interesting to see is whether the Eagles will be able to bottle that lightning once again as they face off against the Vikings on Saturday. To win a Super Bowl takes more than one Playoff win, obviously, but did the Eagles perhaps take too much out of their win last weekend? Sure, they deserved some chest-thumping leeway, and it looked like a hell of a lot of fun, but we'd hope that they haven't lost sight of the war for having won a battle. There's some way to go yet.
The Eagles are lined up to face a Vikings side that has its own reasons to be puffing out their chests. They pulled off a miraculous finish against the Saints on the back of an injury-plagued season to be here, so there's no question of them being a pushover. Some of the early lines coming out of Vegas have Minnesota up as 3 or 3.5 favorites, which historically doesn't put them in prime position, but we're living in interesting time. Let's see if the Eagles will be able to show us something new come Saturday.


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