Eagles Win Triggers Triumphant Cheer Outside the Icy Linc
The propane heater glowing and the grill going, the full splendor of tailgating was on. "Big Derrick" Simmons and his party of both friends and strangers stayed glued to the T.V; inside their tent pitched on Lot M7, outside the Lincoln Financial Field.
Eagles vs Falcons
Team 1 2 3 4 T
Eagles 0 9 3 3 15
Falcons 3 7 0 0 10
When the Eagles' win was clear, Simmons, 43 screamed 'one more time, were are doing it'. Indeed, frigid but overjoyed fans joined in the cheer celebrating the Eagles' 15-10 victory over the Atlanta Falcons.
Ecstatic Eagles fans could not hold their excitement as they hugged and danced amid the tailgate fires in a charged celebratory atmosphere. Undoubtedly, the fun outside the Linc was heating up, made possible by avid fans who preferred to stay outside or those who did not have tickets to get inside. Notably, many who had tickets chose to stay outside. Inside the Linc, the biting cold was consuming; but not for fans like John Kennedy of Wallingford who denied it was even cold. Kennedy exclaimed that because of the thrilling game, the freezing temperatures could not be felt. It was a captivating win delivered to the surprise and delight of many.
The Eagles' victory came despite predictions that painted them as underdogs. In light of this, Eagles odds for the Conference Championship game could be anybody's guess. Now, there is one more chance to enjoy the full jubilation in South Philly. With home-field advantage, it is another good reason to tailgate all the way. Leaving the Linc, ice-stricken David Proctor, a die-hard fan stated that he could smell victory already for the Eagles. With many shattered dreams, the home advantage and the undying support by fans can indeed spark more victory. A powerful defense even without Carson Wentz can also propel the team forward.
Fans and players are keeping the faith. When Chucky Rhoads, an iron-worker was asked why he preferred to watch the game from a tent outside, this is what he had to say. 'The experience cannot be compared to just watching from home'. This experience featured a lengthy after-party with food and drink in plenty. Despite the game kickoff being at 4.35pm, fans were already streaming into the parking lot at dawn. With utmost dedication, many fans set up their tents in readiness for the playoffs; not to miss a moment.
At the Simmons' tent, most people said that they preferred to watch the game on TV at the M7 parking lot. Simmons emphatically said that at the lot, you feel and hear the cheering of the crowds; something one cannot get at home. With a friend from Delaware supplying a good dose of cupcakes, the tent was was well stocked with food, spirits and warmth. In the midst of celebration, Chuck Aquino, 44, a tent neighbor and self-confessed tailgating expert was quick to point out something. According to Aquino, RVs that are elaborate only water the whole experience. You know you are tailgating when you have to build your own bathroom, he continued.
Either way, there is one more party at the Linc courtesy of the Eagles' win. Philadelphia Eagles face the Minnesota Vikings, Sunday at 6.40pm.


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