Philadelphia Eagles Face Off Against the Minnesota Vikings
The 1st seed will be squaring up against the 2nd seed when the Eagles welcome the Vikings in the NFC matchup at the Linc; with the winner getting to contend for the ultimate prize at Super Bowl LII. Eagles odds to win against the Vikings seem bleak according to Sportsbooks come gameday on Sunday.

D-Day: Delving Into the Eagles - Vikings Matchup
The way things were going, it looked like it was going to be another night of tears for the Vikings. They had let a 17 point lead slip right out of their fingers against a Saints outfit that had all the momentum as well as the running down the clock in their corner. Suddenly everything changed.

Onwards and Upwards: Eagles Seeking an Upset Against the Vikings
The images we were treated to in the night's aftermath were nothing short of flabbergasting, a football player fully clad in uniform topped off with a German shepherd mask doing interviews.

Eagles Win Triggers Triumphant Cheer Outside the Icy Linc
The propane heater glowing and the grill going, the full splendor of tailgating was on. "Big Derrick" Simmons and his party of both friends and strangers stayed glued to the T.V; inside their tent pitched on Lot M7, outside the Lincoln Financial Field.

After a crucial win against Falcons, Eagles players wear dog masks
The Eagles players went above and beyond to embrace their underdog status in the first game against the Falcons. So much were they into it that two of their veteran players, defensive end Chris Long and right tackle Lane Johnson decided to buy German Shepherd masks for the team just to get in full underdog mode going into a game which Eagles odds against the Falcons had the former losing the matchup.

Lane Johnson is Displeased by the Fact that the Eagles are perceived like the Browns
Lane Johnson, the right tackle of the Eagles, continued to notice a level of disrespect for some time. In fact, it began with the QB Carson Wentz ending up losing the season. He was fine with this, but the problem began when his Eagles (13-3) began being presented like the Cleveland Browns. This is also one of the elements impacting the Eagles odds in the upcoming games. The same team is seen as the underdog for the game with the Falcons (10-6) that will take place on the coming Saturday.

Tough Times: Eagles Face Uphill Task Against The Falcons
The Philadelphia Eagles are all set to make NFL history this coming Saturday, although not in a particularly good way. As things stand in the world of the bookmakers, the Eagles will be the first No. 1 seed team to go into their first playoff game as the underdogs.

Eagles Playoff’s Home Advantage is Also a Tax Boost for Philly
As the season’s playoffs continue, the Eagles are setting aside more hours for practice. The bookies have identified this trend and have adjusted Eagles Odds for the game accordingly.

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